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Whether you’re looking for the most up-to-date products Anima Plaid Stuff Parka with the lowest price where you can discounted? Anima Plaid Stuff Parka using high quality products. You will see evaluation and features on this post.

Plaid is back in fashion, and your pup never had it so good. Plaid design in blended wool fabric with twill over coating exterior. Snap on button closure in the front. Acrylic fur around the hood and hoodie has a buckle to secure hood to the back.

Features Anima Plaid Stuff Parka

  • Blended wool fabric with twill over coating
  • Quilted polyester interior
  • Acrylic fur hood lining
  • Snap-on button closure
  • For breed sizes like Papillon, Pomeranians

Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars Too cute for words!!!

I can’t believe this jacket was so inexpensive. My little 9lb Brussels Griffon (Sammie) wore this jacket this morning over a t-shirt and it kept him warm in the frigid Minnesota temperature (and he looked sooo cute!). This jacket looks even better in person. I am going to buy the brown version for my other little guy.

3 out of 5 stars Would have helped if the measurements were listed
Mike A. Quinn

I went off of someone saying this coat is 16 1/2 inches for the large.. Well, it’s not.. It is maybe 9 1/2 – 10 inches long. Did not fit my girl at all. Waste of my time and money. It is a cute coat, but certainly not that big at all..On the plus side, this arrived at my door within a couple of days ordering! :)

3 out of 5 stars Too small
Kindle Customer

I was very excited when the parka arrived.It’s adorable, and seems really warm, but it was just a tad too small for my 4 lb chihuahua. It would’ve fit, except it couldn’t snap. around her waist. I reccomend getting a size larger than you would get anywhere else, they seem to be made a little smaller. I really wish it had fit my dog better…

4 out of 5 stars keeps my baby warm
Gail S. Hamilton

my dog is a terrier mix and has the body shape of a westie. she weighs 11 pounds. the large fits her perfectly. we keep the hood clasped back. she doesn’t like it on her head. it looks adorable on and pretty well-made. there are some loose threads and a couple spots where the stitching is crooked so i’m only giving 4 stars. i would buy again though.

5 out of 5 stars High quality, easy-on/easy-off, very soft
John C. Curtis

We owned two smaller ones so this is the third one (our puppy is growing). It is the best coat I have seen: It is machine-washable (some others are dry clean only), it has no sleeves (our puppy hates sleeves), it is cute (we keep getting asked “where did you get that cute coat?”) and it’s VERY reasonably priced.

2 out of 5 stars Meh….
Amazon Customer

Tight on a small to medium dog. I bought the right size but it was a little difficult to get on. Otherwise it a really sharp coat and looks very cool on.

5 out of 5 stars loved this for my little 6 lb snoodle

the first one I bought was to small, make sure you measure your dog. I sent back the x-small and got the medium. I have a 6 lb snoodle and the middle fits perfect. the coat keeps her warm and she looks adorable in it and get compliments

5 out of 5 stars Cute and Warm

I bought this for my Maltese mix, he is 8lbs so I ordered him a small after reading the reviews. It fits him well around the body, but is a bit too short for him because he has a longer frame. After him wearing it only a few minutes, I took it off of him because he is just a puppy and thinks that everything is a toy, so naturally he was tugging on it and wanting to play. But I realized that the jacket truly is great at insulating because the fabric was already warming up! I am glad that the jacket will do what it needs to because we will be going camping soon and it gets really cold at night. I would definitely recommend this jacket!

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