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This snowsuit keeps dogs cozy-warm all over when winter weather bites hard. Zip-off hood and four-legged design lock out the elements. The polyfilled, insulated nylon shell helps keep body heat close to chilly dogs. For extra versatility, legs zip off to turn snowsuit into a jacket. Machine wash cold on a gentle cycle. Line dry. Shipped on a hanger with a casual canine hangtag. Available in red color. Measures 12-inch length.

Features Casual Canine Snowsuit – Red

  • Snowsuit keeps dogs cozy-warm all over when winter weather bites hard
  • Features a four-legged design and a zip-off hood for added warmth and comfort
  • Made of poly-filled, insulated nylon shell
  • Available in red color
  • Measures 12-inch length

Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars The right price for a warm dog coat
Dog Lover

My dog is a 26 lb wire haired Jack russell terrier mix. Although this coat says for 35-45lbs it’s the perfect size for her with her long legs and narrow but long body. Sometimes her back legs slip out when she runs, but a medium size wouldn’t fit her. It’s very warm with just enough room inside to layer her if I needed to. In the single digits, snow, and windchill, she stays happy on our hour walks and doesn’t shiver. (It is not waterproof though) The legs and hood can be removed by a zipper but the body is closed with velcro. The velcro has come apart when she runs hard. Overall though for the price, quality and amount of protection (most coats don’t cover those back legs that shiver, plus give enough stomach coverage), I haven’t found a better coat.

5 out of 5 stars Great Snowsuits
Book Worm

The measurements posted were good so the snowsuits fit my dogs without having to exchange it for a different size. Good quality and the back legs zip off so it can be used in different types of conditions. It took a long time to get these delivered but seller stayed in good communication through the process.

5 out of 5 stars Great fit!

I bought this for my 10 lb chihuahua in small, and it fits perfectly. It keeps her warm and she can move freely in it. I haven’t yet tried it out in the snow, but around the house she seemed very comfortable in it.

4 out of 5 stars HUGE.
K. Hayman

I bought the Small (12 inch) for my 7 lb, 13.5″ long, 14″ girth, 12″ neck Chihuahua. According to Amazon’s length measurement and size charts elsewhere for this snowsuit, he should be a Small. It is MASSIVE on him. All sleeves drag on the ground (he has average legs), the belly hangs four or five inches down so there’s no way he could pee while wearing the jacket without peeing inside of it, and it’s so baggy he can’t walk. It’s very well made though so I’m going to try the Extra Small and I’ll report back on the fit. It also seems to be very warm.Update: I bought the xsmall and it is hilariously tiny on him- it velcros shut but just barely and it’s way short. So I kept the small and altered it- I had to majorly take in the sides and belly area, cut it back three or four inches to make room for peeing, and shorten the front legs. I removed the zippers for the back legs entirely because there’s no way he could ever wear them. I also replaced the velcro with a zipper because the velcro gets snagged on his harness material. I added a snap because the hood was always falling into his eyes. Someone else who posted pics mentions that the hood seems useless (and it looks like it in their pics)- the hoods for both the x small and the small worked fine for my dog when lying down but were in the way while walking, so having it folded back or snapped is the only way.I posted pics of him in the small (although he is wearing his harness to hold the jacket on in the pic- this was the only way he could even walk a little) and in the same altered jacket which finally fits him well. I also put a pic of him in the xsmall (which is blue).The material is ok quality- the lining is less sturdy and has a couple snags.Read more ›

5 out of 5 stars great value, great design
Linda D. Hinton

wonderful design will keep my little fuzzy dogs warm and free from clinging snow balls on chest and legs. small fuzzy dogs get cold and wet and snowy from the bottom up, not top down and this product addresses this reality. most dog products leave all the vulnerable areas uncovered. the only issue is sizing. with such a range as chihuahuas and mastiffs it is impossible to offer a range of sizes to fit ever dog perfectly. the medium will fit my 15lb cavachon with a small alteration, but it was too large by far for my 12lb shih tzu even though his length is in the medium range. i will try again for him with a small. expect to make small alterations for perfect fit, a hem, a tuck etc. and use the size guide with thought to your dogs shape ( chubby bulldog chest most important, skinny dashund length, etc.)

5 out of 5 stars great
dog rescuer

The back leg zippers make it easy to get them on and off. Coverage is as complete as you can get. Go by measurements rather than breed recommendations for sizing.

5 out of 5 stars Great Coat!
Jenifer Schaeflein

Fits nicely. Keeps my dog warm and dry. My dog is able to move freely in the coat.

3 out of 5 stars Cute snowsuit. Measure carefully

The Casual Canine Snowsuit Medium is a cute product, but the sizing runs very large and full. My 17 lb dog is long and often fits better in a medium than a small, but in this case a small might have sufficed. My dog is ten inches at the withers, and 16″ long, chest 17″. While the jacket shoulders fit just about right with her larger upper body and “ruff,” the snowsuit legs were way too long both front and rear. The hood, which has the nice feature of being a zip off, was so large that it covered her eyes and was, unfortunately, unusable. The fabric is medium warm with a slightly puff lining, but is not waterproof. The design is clever. My dog is female and with the leggings attached she was able to squat and pee without wetting the garment. Likewise, when the leggings were removed. There is a small hole for leash attachment on the main body of the snow suit where you can reach the collar. The hole is not located where you will be able to use a harness unless you make and edge your own hole. There is too much fabric in the body of the jacket to place a harness around/over it. I would recommend the snowsuit for a taller dog, using it in moderately cold weather (0* to 40*) or with “dry” snow, perhaps with a T-shirt underneath. Measure your dog carefully. Shipped quickly. Nice price IMO.

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