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This reversible vests have a quilted, weather-resistant black shell on one side, soft plush leopard print on the other. Snap-off hood adds extra style versatility. Easy-fit design with velcro from neck to belly. Comes in a polybag with a hanger and hangtag. Made of 100 percent polyester. Machine wash cold on gentle cycle. Line dry. Available in black and X-small size. Measures 10-inch length.

Features Gold Print Leopard Vest Dog Apparel in Black

  • Gold print leopard vest designs that both reverse to soft leopard print plush
  • Reversible vests have a quilted, weather-resistant black shell on one side, soft plush leopard print on the other
  • Snap-off hood adds extra style versatility; easy-fit design with Velcro from neck to belly
  • Made of 100 percent polyester; available in x-small size and black color
  • Measures 10-inch length

Customer Reviews

4 out of 5 stars Cute, Good Quality, Sizing Questionable!

I REALLY wanted this vest for my Shih Tzu but after reading all the comments about sizing, I was hesitant to purchase it. There is/was a sizing chart for this garment on Ebay. At 21 pounds, he’s a gigantic little guy for his breed and the chart and his measurements said a Small/Medium was the right size to fit him. I sew so doing alterations on it would be easy for me so I opted to purchase an X-Large rather than go thru the hassle of trying to exchange it.I also decided that this would be cheaper than buying the fabric, etc. and starting from scratch…….the price of this vest has gone up substantially in the last month.If I had bought the suggested size, there’s no way it would have fit him. The X-Large is, of course, too big for him but not as much as I thought it would be. The length of this vest is where it needed the most adjustment, as it is about 6″ too long but the girth needed much less adjustment than I anticipated. I thought I’d have to tear it apart and basically re-make it but in the end, I only needed to move the Velcro tabs. In doing this, I got the added bonus of being able to trim the black with the leopard scraps and visa versa. lol!The sizing chart says an X-Large will fit a Collie, Lab, Golden, etc. The only way I can see that being possible is if the dogs were substantially underweight. The length measurement is much closer to being correct for that size dog than the girth measurement. My eye says it would be a better fit for a Cocker sized dog but then it would be too long on them too.I’m happy with this purchase overall. Although 100% polyester, it’s a well made garment and the embroidery swirls are a bonus I didn’t anticipate. It’s very cute and stylish and will keep his little belly from dragging in the snow this winter!I will give the amazon shipper and delivery time 5 stars though!I hope this helps someone who’s thinking of purchasing this vest!

3 out of 5 stars Cute, but runs SMALL!
Mary C. Novack

TC size lists girth as 7-11 inches. My 3-pound pup measures 9-inch girth and this TC size was nowhere near able to velcro closed. I went up a size to XXS and this is still WAY too tight. I am going to order her XS. Hopefully that does the trick. Chest is still 9″ girth. She has jumped to 3.4 pounds. Other than size issue, it is super cute! Hope this helps someone out.

3 out of 5 stars BEWARE – customer service very poor
maddie b.

It was an ordeal dealing with this vendor. While I finally got the item I wanted, it took some 30 e-mails and about a month and a half. Sorry to say, the customer service is quite poor.

4 out of 5 stars I love the vest but it’s a bit too small for my dog._
Adrienne Baxter

This is the same vest I bought for my Shih Tzu. It’s a great design and I ordered the size (X-Large) based on their measurements chart. But it’s a bit small for my 64-pound Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix dog.

5 out of 5 stars Love it!!

I love this jacket it is so cute. But the measurements are not accurate. I have a 90lb German Shepard and i ordered the XL, it is way too SMALL. I measured all the places it says to and he fit the requirements but when it came it didn’t even come close to fitting. I think he would have needed either a 2XL or even a 3XL. Unfortunately I had to return it.

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