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Pamper Pets In Super-Soft, High-Quality Terry! Super soft and super comfy, these royalty terry bathrobes will surely add the perfect touch to your little prince’s wardrobe. Each bathrobe features a pink princess logo on the back and pink-trimmed hood, sleeves, and belt.

Features Royalty Dog Bathrobe Small (S) Princess

  • Measurements – Body:8″-12″ Chest:14″-20″ Neck:8″-12″

Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars Zack & Zoey Pink Princess Royalty Terry Cloth Dog Bath Robe Medium

I purchased this robe in powder pink and white at a fancy pet boutique for my Shikingnese Darby. I also bought one in baby blue and white for my ShihTzu Hampshire.The pink robe has princess written in fancy gold script on the back, and the blue robe has prince written on the back in fancy gold script. Both are written across the crown.I purchased a medium for both Darby and Hampshire because they both measure 16″ from neck to hinny. I paid too much at the boutique ($30). However, this is a very high quality garment.It is made of thick and sturdy terry cotton fabric. The robe has a hood and a sewn on pink crown with three diadeams. The robe comes in both pink and blue. The hood, sleeves, and cord all have the same pink/blue trim.It has a velcro tab at the chest area and one in the waist area. It also has a tie cord at the waist line that can be wrapped around the waist, and tied as a bow.This keeps the robe securely in place. I like that the cord is long enough to wrap around their waist.The robes wear well and last a long time. The robe does not fade after many washes. I hang them to dry on the towl bar after use. I’ve also washed and dried them in the dryer, and they do not shrink. The fabric does not pill.I use the robes in the summer if I’m too exhausted to blow dry their hair after their bath. I primarily use the robes during the winter months when I give Darby and Hampshire a bath. I wrap them up snug and warm while each is combed and dried.These small breeds get chilly easily when they’re wet. My vet says that their hair is not enough to ward off severly cold weather (below 60). She says the rule is, “If you need a sweater, your dog needs one too.Read more ›

5 out of 5 stars Princess loves it
James Or Paula Surber

We had purchased the prince one and our pup loved it and so when we got our new pup we knew she would need this product also. She is the cutest thing in it after her bath. It is a great item and would definity get another one if need be. Some times here in MI it is cold for them after a bath and so what better way to keep them warm and from getting sick than by letting them wear the princess bathrobe.It is well worth the money.Thanks,

5 out of 5 stars Super cute!

I thought for $8 this robe would be a cheap gift but when it arrived I was pleasantly surprised. It’s thick and a nicer material than my own robe. The princess wording is embroidered so it’s Durable and you can tell it’s going to last.

4 out of 5 stars So cute!

It fit my dog just right, and it looks really cute on. I haven’t tried it after her bath, but I can tell by the fabric that there won’t be any problem.

5 out of 5 stars Cute!

Its inexpensive and so adorable. My little one cant fit in it yet but I still use it when I hold her so she can dry off better.

5 out of 5 stars Brilliant!
C. J. Nielsen

Fits my Maltese perfectly and come winter here in the southern hemisphere she will be warm and snug after her bath!Very well made and came with a cute dog-shaped clothes hangar.

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