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Who sells Canine Friendly High Visibility Dog Vest – Promo

Whether you are trying to find the newest items Canine Friendly High Visibility Dog Vest with the lowest price and also have a discount? Canine Friendly High Visibility Dog Vest using high quality products. You can see review and features with this post.

View larger View larger Canine Friendly High Visibility Dog Vest Protect your dog day and night! This bright orange mesh vest is highly visible during the day, while the large reflective stripes offer high visibility at night. Great for day and night walks, hunting, camping, hiking and more. Features Made from a lightweight mesh fabric that is great for all seasons and an adjustable elastic belly strap to provide maximum comfort so your dog is not restricted while playing outdoors. Sizing Available in sizes XSmall to XXLarge. XSmall fits a girth size of 14-16″, Small fits a girth size of 16-20″, Medium fits a girth size of 20-26″, Large fits a girth size of 26-35″, XLarge fits a girth size of 30-38″ and XXLarge fits a girth size of 34-44″.

Features Canine Friendly High Visibility Dog Vest

  • Make sure your canine companion is seen both day and night
  • Bright orange mesh vest is visible during the day, while the reflective piping offers high visibility at night
  • Made from lightweight fabric and adjustable elastic belly strap provide maximum comfort
  • Velcro closures around the neck for optimal fit
  • Size large fits a girth of 26 to 35 inches and length of 20 inches

Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars Mesh Highly Visible Dog Vests

This is such an amazing vest. It’s hard to tell in the pictures, but it’s mesh- which means very breathable so if your pets are very furry, they should not get hot and you should be able to use it year round.I have three – so here are my comments on sizing:medium – fit my australian Shepherd – she is about 45 pounds.large – fit my husky no problem – he is about 60 pounds. It is a little bit snug on my Australian Shepherd male mix -he is about 75-80 pounds- I wish I would have opted for an XL, so it would have been just a tad bigger, but it definitely does the trick.I opted for this vest for two reasons- one because of the velcro- I didn’t have to worry about trying to slip this over their head and sense all of them are slightly different in size, if I grab the wrong one, it is easily adjustable.The other reason I opted for this one, was the long, wide reflective strip. It is really visible from afar, and when you are up close and under a street light, you can really see the reflection for yourself.The bright orange is clearly visible as well.As a dog mom of three, this gets my seal of approval. For $16, you cannot go wrong with this purchase.

1 out of 5 stars Not a good choice for use in the woods

I bought a Size XL for my 70 lb German Shepherd dog, which I think is the right size for him, though it ends 2 or 3 inches above the tail. He had this vest on for exactly 5 minutes before returning with 4 holes in it. I was at first pleased with my purchase, as the fabric is soft and seems comfortable. The back shifts back and forth as the dog runs, but I suppose as long as it stays on, that’s OK. However, this vest’s soft and lightweight open weave fabric is not appropriate for running through the woods where there are branches and bushes that can snag. So if you are using this in an open area only, it might be OK for your dog, but definitely is not a good choice for rural settings. I will have to replace the vest, so this was not a good purchase for me.

4 out of 5 stars Sizing on chart is not accurate

When purchasing this for our dog we initially bought the extra large. We have a 65lb lab and while he is short his chest is broad. We measure his chest and length along the back and according to the sizing chart he should have been an extra large, When it arrived it was huge on him. The velcro at the front for his chest area was on the tightest it could be, but it still slid to the side as the I couldn’t get it tight enough on the waist and it was also way too long on him hanging over his tail. The measurements don’t seem to be quite right, even though our dog fit into the x-large category for chest and length it was way too big. He does tend to narrow from the chest to his hips, but even still it was too long and even the chest velcro had trouble keeping him tight. I do give this 4 stars as once we got the large it fits him great, it doesn’t slide off to the side or twist, it is very comfortable for him to run in and it is so light weight he truly has no idea he has it on. It has a great reflective range and I feel comfortable running at night with him by my side knowing the cars see him as much as they see me!

4 out of 5 stars Very functional
Scott Taylor

Size may run a little big – got the medium based on the girth measurement for my 22# beagle. Vest is a bit long, but not enough to cause any problems. The chest strap where it secures under the neck is a bit wide, which puts the edge of the vest low across the dog’s shoulders, but again, no problem. Do note the silver colored “swoosh” shape on each side is NOT reflective, only the piping that borders it is, but it still provides good visibility.

5 out of 5 stars Great product!
Paul Kratochwill

We purchased this vest for our 100lb German Shepherd, Samson, so he could be seen when we take him out for a walk in the early morning or evening when it is dark outside. At first he was a little skittish about wearing the vest, but now he gets very excited when we put this vest on him. Samson is now highly visible when we are out with him in the dark. This is a well made product and I would recommend it to anyone with a dog.

5 out of 5 stars good vest at a bargain price

I bought two of these for my 6 yr old 64lb golden and my 7 month old golden/lab mix, about the same weight. We’ve walked in the woods a few times and they are holding up just fine. Great vest for the price.

3 out of 5 stars Not very durable
Bruce K. Butcher

It’s definitely high viz, but it’s not really durable enough for the field if your dog spends any time at all in the briers. I will say that it dries quickly and it’s so light weight that the dogs don’t seem to overheat from wearing it like they do when I’ve used other heavy duty gear. Might be just right for hiking.

5 out of 5 stars Money saver!
Anthony Bye

It is amazingly cheap for my service dog! Instead of buying a vest for $50, just buy a vest like this one and sew on your own patch (which you can find for less than $5). Service dogs do not have to wear vests so there’s no “official” vest to buy, which is why we can easily make our own for less confusion in public.

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