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Get Pet Vest Support System Support Sling – Discount

Whether you are looking for the most recent products Pet Vest Support System Support Sling using the cheapest price where you can discounted? Pet Vest Support System Support Sling using high quality products. You will see review and features with this post.

New from MDC Romani the Pet Vest Support Sling. Gives you a ready made helper for dogs that won t let you trim their nails or their feet. A support system that allows grooming of the feet and legs with ease. Chains and hooks sold separately. Dimensions – 16.75W x 15L inches

Features Pet Vest Support System Support Sling

  • Satisfaction Ensured
  • Your Pet will Love it.
  • Makes for a great Gift.

Customer Reviews

4 out of 5 stars good product for grooming my yorkiepoo
Chris Ray

This is an excellent product. The only reason it doesn’t get 5 stars is because it doesn’t come with the chains to hang this harness. I feel that the price I paid for this product ought to include chains or cables or something. I had to fabricate my own hangers for this harness. Another (nit-picky, I know) topic is it is not possible to shave my dog’s belly hair when she’s in the sling. The great thing about this sling is now my dog can’t bite me when I’m grooming her. She hates to have her feet touched with nail clippers or scissors or electric clippers, and she doesn’t like my trimming under her tail. My dog hates having her nails clipped. This product makes it possible for me to work all the way up and down her legs AND trim her nails without getting bitten. I use this product before using the grooming arm and the no-sit harness I bought separately to get my dog mostly groomed to my satisfaction. There was no easy way around it–if I wanted to groom my dog myself, I had to invest in pet clippers (love the Wahl pet clippers), a table, grooming arm, no-sit harness, and this sling. I also bought several combs and brushes.

5 out of 5 stars 5*****
mary edwards

This is wonderful for the fidgety pet. It is great and I have used it a lot. My dogs don’t seem to mind it. They cannot move at all. The trick is that if your dog is over 10 lbs. you may need help maneuvering your dog legs in it. I cant handle to much a the weight of my one of two dogs and able to get their feet in the foot holes. Material is very strong.


I contacted the seller to confirm if the SMALL would fit my dogs BEFORE PURCHASING. I have 4 Chihuahua/Chihuahua mix dogs, 2 Jack Russell’s, and 1 Rat Terrier. Seller confirmed that the small should fit all. NO WAY! It fit 3 of the Chihuahuas but barely fit the larger of the 4. Forget even trying on the other. The product seems to be strong so I gave it 3 stars.

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