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The key to staying safe on the road, in the woods or in any outdoor setting you share with your dog is being seen. The petflect reflective safety vest provides owners with peace of mind that their dog is easy to spot. Dogs will forget they are wearing the light weight vest made with durable fully adjustable velcro fasteners and breathable nylon material for comfort. A paw print design, horizontal stripe, and trim made from reflective material provide owners with long range visibility of their dog from more than 500 feet away. Be seen and stay safe.

Features Petflect Reflective Dog Vest, Large

  • Made of light weight breathable nylon
  • Features a decorative reflective paw print and reflective stripes
  • Fully adjustable velcro fasteners
  • Visible from more than 500 feet

Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars Highly Reflective and Bright Vest! My Dog Loves This Vest! And so do I!

It’s getting around hunting season around here in northern Michigan and we live on 20 acres that backs onto National Forest Land. My concern was that my dog, who runs on our land, might get mistaken for a bear, deer or turkey which would be horrifying! Since we have to wear “hunter orange” to comply with the DNR regulations, I felt that why not Sophie, our dog, as well? This very inexpensive, lightweight vest has nice coverage, can be seen from a far distance during the day and it glows like heck when a light flashes on it. When I let her out at night and have the porch light on, I can see her coming from a far distance! I see the reflective bands and paw prints on the vest. She also enjoys wearing it (prior to her getting this vest, she was somewhat shy and skittish, but now she is more playful and gregarious with others). I know that sounds weird, but my husband and I attribute it to the fact that the vest secures around her midsection and neck and covers her back fairly completely (kind of like a Th*nd*rSh*rt) so it may get her that “secure feeling.” In any event, it does the job and we couldn’t be happier that our beloved pet is safe on her romps outdoors or when I take her out on a leash! I wish I would have gotten this sooner!November 10,2012. My dog has been wearing this vest DAILY, 24 Hours a day since we got it in September. We live on 20 acres and my dog is pretty rough and tumble. Yes, the stitching unraveled a bit after about a month of this extreme wear (and the fact that she got it caught on some branches in the woods and came home walking on the jacket portion (the velcro quick released–which was nice). I can sew and quickly reinforced the seams.Read more ›

5 out of 5 stars Reflective Dog Vest

Nice, light-weight vest. Makes my dog very noticeable when he wears the vest. Secures well and allows for free movement. The large size fits my fifty pound labradoodle.

5 out of 5 stars Exactly perfect.

It is very difficult to see my black lab at night, so I ordered this vest. It turned out to be exactly what I wanted. The vest is super bright, and very easy to put on my dog. It stays on, doesn’t interfere with her limbs or collar, and was very reasonably priced. I honestly cannot think of any negatives. We definitely feel more safe during our late evening walks!

4 out of 5 stars Nice product, but not big enough for my dog
Jennifer McLain

I just purchased this to use for safety during hunting season. The vest is attractive and well-made and seems easy to put on. My dog is a 92 lb. athletic German Shepherd with a barrel chest. The vest didn’t have enough material under his belly to close, which was disappointing. I don’t think Petflect offers a larger size, but if they did, I would have gladly bought this vest again in the correct size.

2 out of 5 stars Fabric is Not Durable
Lori Millis

The color, fit and reflective features on this vest are excellent. Unfortunately, the fabric in not tough enough for an active dog who will be running, rolling or playing while wearing the vest. Within the first 2 hours of use the vest ripped. I contacted Amazon and they issued a refund.

3 out of 5 stars 2 dogs 2 vests 2 different experiences

I have 2 dogs…lab “deceivers”. One dog is about 60 lbs and the large is perfect. My other dog is 77 lbs and the large is not a good fit…too tight and she rolls and it pops off. My smaller dog ran under a fence today and ripped the vest right off and a hole in it. Vest is perfect as a reflector. We run and walk in the dark a lot, so this is what we need.

3 out of 5 stars Very Bright & Fits My Dog Well
A. Brown

This vest, size large, fit my 70-lb barrel-chested chow mix and stays on pretty well. She is sure cute in it, too. I am pleased with the brightness of the orange- it’s very visible and noticeable at dusk. We just moved to an older neighborhood where the streets are windy and there are few sidewalks. I want to make sure we’re prepared for maximum visibility when we are taking evening walks in the fall/winter.The quality is okay. It’s pretty thin, which is good for my dog as she gets overheated quickly. I would not call it durable- it’s a plasticky acetate.I do wish this vest had more reflective patches on it. The orange is great, but it’s not actually reflective. The reflective bits are the silver areas, which can only be seen from the sides and top of the dog, and that’s not very useful when dealing with traffic. The reflective bits on the front and around the neck are obscured by my dog’s thick short fur puffing up around the edges. Too bad!I will try to make up for it by getting myself a reflective vest, too. I’ve been surprised by too many virtually invisible nighttime dog walkers and joggers, and I take it seriously.

5 out of 5 stars fits my golden retreiver perfectly
clarence schroeder

I needed this to protect my golden retriever during hunting season in this area, she looks too much like a deer running thru the brush without that bright hunters orange vest which when installed properly will stay on under some very severe conditions.

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