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Whether you are trying to find the most recent items Zack & Zoey Printed Fleece Pet Vest w/ Ripstop Plaid using the cheapest price and have a discount? Zack & Zoey Printed Fleece Pet Vest w/ Ripstop Plaid using top quality products. You will see review and features on this article.

This printed plaid fleece dog ripstop chest vest for working dogs or any dog that wants to stay warm, dry and protected from the elements. This functional design provides warmth and protects pet undersides from snow, mud, brush and more. Easy fit design with Velcro tabs along back. Made of 100-percent polyester. Machine wash in cold water on gentle cycle. Line dry. Available in plaid design and x-large size. Measures 15-1/2-inch length by 1-4/5-inch height by 14-1/2-inch width.

Features Zack & Zoey Printed Fleece Pet Vest w/ Ripstop Plaid

  • Printed plaid fleece dog ripstop chest vest with ripstop nylon chests
  • Functional design provides warmth and protects pet undersides from snow, mud, brush and more
  • Easy fit design with Velcro tabs along back
  • Made of 100-percent polyester; available in plaid design and x-large size
  • Measures 20-inch-22-inch length by 32-inch height by 24-inch width

Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars Stylish but perfectly functional
Maren Hansen

We use a harness to walk our dog, and it is really hard to find a dog vest that velcros across the back instead of the tummy. With this vest, we can just open an inch of the velcro to attach his leash (with is further down his back than a collar). I’ve washed it thrice and the fleece is holding up nicely. The belly is cut away just perfect for our cockapoo so he doesn’t pee all over himself. The other nice thing is that my kids can put it on him since it’s easier to velcro the back of a squirming puppy as opposed to a tummy.

4 out of 5 stars Great Buy!
Edwina Niedfeldt

I bought this for my dog Hank who’s a mix of Basset hound, German Shepard, Hound and know’s what else (he’s adorable!). He’s got a normal size dog’s body but has very short legs like a Basset. This fit’s him snugly on his chest and leaves a little room to wiggle throughout the rest of his body. The fact that it doesn’t have sleeves is a HUGE time saver and it’s easy for me to get him in and out of since I can just have him step into it and Velcro it along his back. Honestly this is great product, it’s been a little on the chilly side for the past few days so he’s been wearing it during the day and sleeping in it but is still able to be comfortable.

3 out of 5 stars could have fit better for GSD
Amazon Customer

It is a nice product but the fit for a German Shepard dog between the front legs was snug. I kept it and altered it to fit better ( by cutting it deeper). I also altered it in the groin area by cutting it deeper & sewing it up to prevent the dog from peeing up in it. I was a bit disappointed…but it works after I altered it some.

4 out of 5 stars Good dog jacket

I ordered a large for my 55 pound dog. It’s definitely too small and I wish I ordered an extra large. It’s extremely snug and the end doesn’t reach all the way to his tail. It’s too short. I kept it because I love the material, the velcro on the back, and the design, and I figure I’ll give it to another smaller dog and possibly order myself an XL.

5 out of 5 stars Good quality and received on time.
L. Barr

I love that the velcro goes across the top of the jacket. It is the easiest sweater I have ever put on my dog and wish that they all had this closure.

5 out of 5 stars Quality

I bought this (size medium) for my dog but had to returned it.because it was to large on the dog. I purchaseda size small from another vendor but also had to return it because it was way to small. I will repurchase themedium and have it taken in. I like the ripstop chest and the heavy weight fleece will keep your pet warm on cold days.

3 out of 5 stars Not bad

The quality was good and I like the velcro on top. It did not fit my 45lb dog right though. The chest part was too wide for him and just bunches up between his front legs. I’m not sure if he is just a weird shape or what. I will stick to regular dog sweaters that are easier to alter.

3 out of 5 stars Ended up donating to animal shelter
Mad Hen

The design sounds dog friendly, it has a couple of flaws, the biggest one being that it is not adjustable in any way. Even the velcro strip is narrow, so you can’t really adjust girth, and the legs are set in a nylon shell, so there is no give there, either. Also, if your dog doesn’t like the sound of velcro, it can make removing the jacket stressful to them. My dogs are weirdly-shaped, thanks to the dachshund in them, and I wasn’t able to find a size that fit them well. I bought several sizes to try, with no luck. I ended up buying a different style in a different brand that was much more adjustable and giving these to my local animal shelter for their use.

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