Fashion Pet Lookin Good Solid Slipper Socks for Dogs, Small, Black – Promo

If you are looking for the latest products Fashion Pet Lookin Good Solid Slipper Socks for Dogs, Small, Black using the lowest price and have a discounted? Fashion Pet Lookin Good Solid Slipper Socks for Dogs, Small, Black using quality products. You will see evaluation and features with this article.

Perfect indoor footwear, prevents scratched floors. Solid color sock is made of cotton and spandex for a snug fit to help socks stay on paws.

Features Fashion Pet Lookin Good Solid Slipper Socks for Dogs, Small, Black

  • Silicone Gel Print on The Bottom Is Intended To Prevent Slipping
  • Perfect Paw-Wear
  • Machine Washable

Customer Reviews

4 out of 5 stars great fit
Maggie A

these little socks are well made, and fit my dog’s feet quite well. She is a mixed breed poodle/westie, and I often have difficulty finding the correct size for her.

1 out of 5 stars DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY

I had a feeling that these little guys weren’t going to work out. They simply do not stay on my dog’s feet. They must be made with a more Lycra-like fabric in order so that they cling and hug the feet. Hence do not waste your money.

3 out of 5 stars not for my dog
Milena Posads

The socks kept slipping off. It could be because he has very short legs since he’s a dachshund. Should of listened to the reviews

3 out of 5 stars Small is large
Chi-Town Shopper

I have a 5lb Min Pin mix. Even the small is a bit too big for him, but this company does not offer an extra small. For the price, I’ll keep them and combine them with PAWZ in his size for the inclement weather, as the PAWZ should keep them on his tiny feet.

4 out of 5 stars no slip dog socks

They were a little big. I wash them in boiling water it helped, they might still be a little big. I have velcro to wrap around her ankle. I am sure these will work. With them being black will help with the dirt. So glad I got them. They arrived in just a few days.

2 out of 5 stars socks for dogs

These are beautiful socks, but they do not fit. They are not long enough to stay on, and the top of the sock is to big. I ordered for my 15 pound dog. Sorry but the truth is the truth.

5 out of 5 stars These work beautifully – but buy Velcro straps
Frank Kennedy

I should start out by noting that my 16-year-old dog has had problems with hip dysplasia for more than a year and stumbles badly on her back feet on slick or uneven surfaces. These socks have been like a miracle. She now walks on ALL surfaces confidently with no evidence of the hip problem. Yes, she walks slowly – but she is 16, after all. For folks who claim these don’t stay on, you are correct. Therefore, I purchased Velcro straps made for binding cords and cables. They are the perfect length for her feet, and I don’t need to strap them tight so as to be uncomfortable or restrict blood flow. Total cost for this solution: $5.98 for the socks, and $2.80 for about 20 Velcro straps (found at a crafts store). My dog is 27 pounds, short and stocky, and I found that the small size works perfectly for her. I bought three sets.

2 out of 5 stars ONLY FOR HUGE DOGS!!!
Kristin Turner

These socks said size small, but they must have been size small for Great Danes, because they were huge. They looked like they were of good quality though, but they should have been clear about the size.

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