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Whether you’re trying to find the newest items Lumi-Jack Lighted Pet Vest with the cheapest price and also have a discounted? Lumi-Jack Lighted Pet Vest using quality products. You can observe review and features on this post.

Including your dog on your evening run, hunting trip or backcountry hikes brings the need for visibility and safety. Our Safety Pet Vest is ideal for wear during any low-light conditions, the EL emitting Pet Vest ensures your dog’s safety. In addition to providing visibility, the lightweight shell of the Pet Vest provides your dog with protection against the elements. Polyester material helps to keep your dog cool and comfortable.Durable and adjustable elastic band with buckles provide a secure, flexible fit. Water resistant.

Features Lumi-Jack Lighted Pet Vest

  • Lighted Vest for Visibility, safety and fashion Dog Apparel
  • Water resistant vest, Security and safety for your pet,
  • Illuminating pet vest, Electroluminescent sheet technology
  • Visibility and safety for evening run, hunting trip or backcountry hikes
  • 18.50 inches to 26 inches chest, Labrador Retriever, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Siberian Husky

Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars Great!

After we heard one of our neighborhood dog freed himself from his leash and got hit by a car at night, we were looking for something that would be safe for our dog on our nightly walks. This vest is not only sharp looking but is now an asset to our nightly dog walks. It’s not a reflective vest, but a lighted vest operated by batteries so it is lit all the time. Our neighborhood isn’t very well lit so we feel safe for the dog in case he gets loose, from coyotes sometimes roaming in our area and for us as well having a light around us in the dark. It is easy to put on, very light in weight and our dog looks so cute in them. we love it.

4 out of 5 stars My dog wears it day and night.

This vest fits a bit big on my border collie greyhound mutt.(I bought an extra large to accommodate his deep chest. And the front strap is too long.) But it’s become extremely useful, regardless. He wears it during the day, so I can spot him deep in the woods, when he’s playing. And at night, he wears it during our dark country walks so I can see him in the pitch black.I wrote about the vest at my blog, which is about dogs who love both the city and country equally. You can find the posting here with pix of the vest on my pooch:[...]Happy walking!

4 out of 5 stars Space Dog

My dog is a Chihuahua-Jack Russell mix. He weighs about 12 pounds and has a long body. He fit within the small size criteria, but I wanted a little more coverage from the vest so ordered a medium. The vest is perfect in size in that it covers most of his back, and the straps are way too long as I expected. They will be easy to shorten, but in the meantime, I have shortened the belly strap by folding it over and rubber-banding it. I agree with a previous review that said the belly strap buckle is way too big. It’s as big as your car seatbelt buckle, but for arthritic hands, it is much easier to deal with. It’s plastic, so doesn’t add any unnecessary weight. I ordered the lime green color, which is so bright it practicaly glows in the dark all by itself. The vest appears to be very well made and of high-quality material. The reflective patches do their job. The battery pack fits inside a velcroed pocket on the underside of the vest. It’s easy to get to and maneuver and holds the batteries securely. The button to turn on the lights is on the back of the vest and is easiest to maneuver before you put the vest on the dog. We took our first test run last night. We took a walk on the beach, cloudy night, with very little ambient light. The vest is highly visible. My husband could see him from our house 150 feet away. But, I must confess, we couldn’t stop laughing because the sequential lighting on the vest looked like an erratic space ship as our dog careened around the beach. I envision many startled responses from others as they encounter this unidentified flying object on our nightly walks. So, I’m quite satisfied with the product, although I feel it is just a little overpriced. P.S. A previous review complained that the on/off switch on the battery compartment was glued in the on position. That is true, but it is not a defect. The glue is a favor to the non-thinking operator.

2 out of 5 stars Lighter Pet Vest
Anna Costa-Turner

I bought three of these vests in three different sizes; XL for my Rhodesian Ridgeback-Mix approx 80lbs, L for my mini-Poodle approx 25lbs, and M for my chihauah-mix approx. 15lbs. I love the concept of these vests as we live in a rural setting where I enjoy long walks on old railroad beds and hiking along wooded trails. Hunting season always presents us with additional worries and daylight savings time adjustments shorten our visability in the late afternoons. The Orange vests come with nice reflective area across the chest and both sides of the back where the lights are which is very nice as we get to the trails by walking along the roadway. The lights are easy to turn on and off when need be and they are visable from a distance (especially when combined with the reflective area when on the road). One vest arrived with defective lights (only two of the three lights worked and only sporatically). I sent a return request for replacement and it arrived within days. I printed out the return label and used the box from the replacement to send the defective one back. Very easy process. Shortly after the replacement vest arrived, the M size vest lights stopped working. I changed the batteries thinking maybe I had forgotten to turn it off, but that was not the issue. However, I noticed while moving the vest in my hand to push the on/off button, the lights would flicker when in the “on” position, so I derived that it is a wire issue as the lights flashed longer when I moved the fabric a certain way. Overall, I think the vests are an awesome concept, sizing is reasonable and they are quite comfortable for the dogs, but I would not recommend buying these until they can do something to make the lights work consistantly.Read more ›

5 out of 5 stars Great Vest


1 out of 5 stars Wheres the light after two days!!
E. Ann Clark

The lights in the vest worked two days then died. There was no way to replace the batteries.It was impossible to move the switch on the light to keep it off. If the dog laid against the anything it would turn on. It just was faulty.The X Large vest fit like a small tee shirt on my 90 pound lab. It did not cover his back to his tail as the view in the photo shows. I could not return the vest as I own a fox red lab. It was the beginning of deer hunting season. He needed to be dressed in orange.It’s a great concept but….

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