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Treat your pooch like a princess, get the Petrice hooded sports fleece. Petrice Princess Hooded Jacket is a blue jacket with attached pants that is made of 100% polyester fabric and top quality materials. Petrice has a glamorous “princess”design that makes your pet stand out from the crowd. It is the perfect apparel for a walk outdoors and will keep your pet snug during the cool weather.

Features Petrice Dog Clothing by Kakadu Pet

  • Treat your pooch like a princess, get the Petrice hooded sports fleece jumpsuit with “Princess”printed on the back.
  • Blue with printed princess design
  • 18â€
  • Made from 100% Polyester Fleece
  • Machine washable on cold wash

Customer Reviews

3 out of 5 stars Other Kakadu products are better

I just purchased four outfits from Kakadu, and this was my least favorite of the four. My Chihuahua is 12 inches from collar to base of tail and 15 inches around the chest, but this outfit is too baggy on him. He actually stepped out of it when he wore it out in the back yard. The 10 inch size probably would have fit him better in this particular outfit. He may still be able to wear it to sleep in.The material is nice, although some of the edges are unfinished and may fray in the wash. The drawstring is too much of a chewing temptation for my little one. I think I’ll have to remove it.The back and bottom are open so the dog can do his business on walks, which is a plus.On an admittedly frivolous note, I want to note that the writing on the back says “princess,” even though the blue color is part of what swayed me to buy this for my male dog.I would recommending buying another one of the Kakadu products instead of this one. If you do buy it, get it a size smaller than your dog’s measurements would indicate. The other three outfits I bought ran true to size.

1 out of 5 stars Not even 2nds–more like 3rds or 4ths!

I’ve bought three different jumpsuits from this same manufacturer and this one is not anything like the other two!I’d be ashamed to attempt to market anything as poorly made and finished as this jumpsuit! I really couldn’t tell for sure from the pictures but there are only a few finished edges. The navy cuffs, navy band at the waist and the turquoise edges forming the legs are finished. ALL OTHER FABRIC EDGES EVERYWHERE are simply single layer, cut, raw edges that wereunraveling when taken out of the packaging on both of the jumpsuits I purchased. One of them also has 3 good size gobs of black paint on the back near the printing. Had this jumpsuit been properly made, it would have been functional and really cute. If these were $2-$3.00 and you’re willing to buy fabric glue to seal all these raw edges to stop the unraveling and a trim of some sort to finish them, it might be worth it.

4 out of 5 stars Great quality! Too small for my dog.

I wasn’t expecting the quality to be so good, given the price, but it is VERY HIGH QUALITY knit fleece with STURDY stitching. It will withstand quite a bit of doggy abuse. Only…it’s WAY TOO SMALL! My (hairless) border collie’s back measures 16″ so I purchased the 18″ XL. It is too narrow in the shoulders, too short in length, and does not zip shut. Since the shipping costs to return are more than the price of the garment itself, and there is no exchange for a larger size anyway, I have plans to make it fit her. It is a very simple design, so if you are handy with a needle like me, it should be easy to modify to fit.Again, an awesome doggy garment but too small. I’d buy it again if they had the right size.

4 out of 5 stars Heavy duty material
Sondra Stratton

This outfit is heavy duty material and good for cold Ohio winters. I was a little disapointed as the ad from the one I bought did not say “Princess” and I don’t think it showed that either. Since I have a male, I had to buy a t-shirt and applicae it on the back to cover up princess. It was a perfect fit but afraid it will shrink. It if does, he might not be able to wear it.

Where to purchase Petrice Dog Clothing by Kakadu Pet

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