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Whether you’re trying to find the latest products Alfie Couture Designer Pet Accessory – Rox Denim Belly Band (for Boy Dogs) with the lowest price and have a discounted? Alfie Couture Designer Pet Accessory – Rox Denim Belly Band (for Boy Dogs) using quality products. You can observe evaluation and features for this report.

Alfie Couture’s belly bands are for boy dogs who leg lift, mark, dribble and urinate indoors. The closure is constructed with industrial strength velcro for a secure fit. Our belly band is for comfort, style and will stay put.

Belly bands are made to prevent dogs from marking their territory when out and about. These belly bands are not intended to absorb pee, but to inhibit peeing. For urine absorption, just add a panty liner or tissue.

Alfie Couture’s belly bands are not only a good training aid but they also work as an anti-breeding aid for male dogs that are not neutered. They are also ideal for travel in the car or on a plane or in dog friendly stores and restaurants. They also provide temporary aid to dogs with incontinence problems. Best of all, they deliver peace of mind with your beloved companion, even if he’s not perfect in manners.

Complimentary Gift: Product comes with Zip-lock Travel Bag for easy storage.

Features Alfie Couture Designer Pet Accessory – Rox Denim Belly Band (for Boy Dogs)

  • Please note that this listing is for the size S: 14″ – 15.75″ waist girth (3.5″ width). For belly bands, you want to take the girth measurement at the waist (in front of the back legs).
  • Industrial strength velcro closure. All cotton denim. Durable construction.
  • Enjoy your dog in your home without the worry of soiling on floors or furniture by reduce marking and help house training.
  • Perfect for travel in the car, airplanes, dog friendly hotels, stores and cafes. Great for pet with incontinence problem.
  • 100% cotton lined with a double layer of diaper flannel. Machine washable and quick drying.

Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars So soft and perfect!
Linda Dolan

I have spent a fortune trying to find the perfect fit Belly band for my little man who has recently started “acting out” due to jealously. Other products I wasted my money on were not the size they advertised or where so stiff and unforgiving that I didn’t have the heart to make him wear them. THIS however, is so stylish, soft and unobtrusive that he doesn’t mind wearing it at all! Perfect fit and cooool design! I can’t recommend this product highly enough!

5 out of 5 stars So adorable …

Fit is true to measurements and can hold a full sanitary pad securely and discretely. I was worried about the sequins coming off in the wash, but have no fear…been washed over a dozen times and it still looks brand new!!

5 out of 5 stars Cute belly band

Super cute. Works. Rhinestones perfect for extra flair. Delivered fast. Great seller. Washed it and held up to washing well.

5 out of 5 stars This Wrap Is Great!!
Miss M

We bought this belly band for our elderly dog. I use this belly band along with an “ultimate absorption” human incontinence (Poise) pad, and it works fantastic ( just remove paper strip from pad and adhere pad to belly band right over the two elastic pieces inside the belly band….those are useless and just get urinated on if used). We have used this pad for about 2 years, including almost daily hand washing and once weekly machine washing, and other than losing a few rhinestones and the denim fading, it has held up extremely well. It was definitely worth every penny! This also works much better than the green male wraps with the elastic sold in most chain stores. Those wraps are sized horribly (huge size difference between small and medium) and the elastic just gives the dog a better chance of urinating on the elastic because it bunches over the pad. This wrap lays flat and a poise pad covers it completely.

1 out of 5 stars May work for some pets but not mine.

My puppy was very hard to house train. We are still having issues but he’s getting much better. But when I first got him he would go potty any where, anytime without any warning even though he was just walked. I bought one of these on recommendation of my vet. She said some people have had good luck with belly bands. I wasn’t one of them. . My dog would wiggle out of it in minutes no matter how tight it was, and I didn’t want to over tighten it where he would be uncomfortable but that’s how tight it would need to be to have helped at all. He hated it. So I returned it. I can see how it can help a senior pet who may not be as active but my puppy wasn’t having it.

5 out of 5 stars great item
C. Kersten

was giving up on my male dog and his marking issues. this product saved the day. fits great and works! the dog doesn’t mind it at all.

3 out of 5 stars cute

Super cute but did not come close to fitting my dog. I would recommend ordering a size up. Wasn’t worth sending back as I would of had to pay s&h since it was a sizing error. Thankfully, my sister could use it.

5 out of 5 stars Well Made
Lou Ann Gmuca

This is a well crafted belly band. Very masculine for my 18 year old Chihuahua. Will definitely be purchasing more.

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