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This reflective jacket is made of brushed velvet and polyester for a soft and cozy fit. Nothing is better for keeping pets warm and in sight during cold weather walks. Each jacket has two reflective strips on back to improve visibility at night. Easy-fit design with adjustable velcro closures at neck and belly, leash opening and convenient storage pocket on back. It is shipped in a polybag with a hanger and hangtag. Machine wash in cold water and line dry. Available in medium size with red color and it is fits for bichon frise, beagle, cocker spaniel, corgi, scottish terrier breeds. Also jacket fits 12-14-inch dog necks to 18-22-inch dog chests. Measures 16-inch length.

Features Casual Canine Reflective Jacket

  • Reflective jacket is made of brushed velvet and polyester for a soft and cozy fit
  • Available in red color
  • Comes in medium size
  • Jacket fits 12-14-inch dog necks to 18-22-inch dog chests
  • Measures 16-inch length

Customer Reviews

4 out of 5 stars SIZING INFO HERE
Shulamit Widawsky

So, I was going to buy one of these for my dog. But I read so many reviews that said the sizes were too small. So I worried. It seemed there had to be a sizing chart somewhere. And there is! Here:You have to measure your dog’s chest and neck, and that tells you the size. According to this chart, my miniature poodle, who weighs 14 pounds, is a medium!Size Length…Fits Necks…Fits ChestsXS…….8″…….8-10″……12-16″S…….12″……10-12″……16-20″M…….16″……12-14″……18-22″L…….20″……14-18″……22-28″XL…..24″……16-20″……26-34″XXL…30″……20-26″……34-40″Who knows why the sizing chart isn’t available on Amazon.com. But I found it where other dog clothes by this manufacturer are for sale (but Amazon is cheaper). Silly me, took ten minutes to make this chart show up right on the review. I do hope this is helpful!

5 out of 5 stars A tip when purchasing the Red Fleece Reflective Safety Jacket for Dogs
A. Jenquin

I got it for my sister’s mixed breed as a gift. She loves it and so does her dog but my mom had to extend the neck and belly velco straps with her sewing skills. I bought the size that should fit for one of the breeds that she is mixed with but should’ve gotten a size larger because she is a mix and has a deep chest. Buy a size bigger if your dog is on the border of a size, that’s my advice. Aside from this it is a wonderful jacket. Both owner and dog really enjoy it. Her dog gets really happy when she sees the jacket:)

4 out of 5 stars Velvet dog coat

I got this for a doberman pincher pup. At first she tried to take it off, by reaching around and biting the rear end of the coat to get it off. So I decided to ‘train’ her to wear it. I kept her REALLY occupied, chasing a frisbee NON-STOP for 15 min or so for the first few times I put it on her. I then took her right into the house, and ended the play session, removing the coat in the house. If she realizes she must wear it when playing in the cold, she does with no complaint. She got used to it very quickly, and now leaves it alone. I notice it keeps her from shivering so soon after we go out. It fits her body perfectly, and with that tall collar standing up, she looks like ‘Elvis’ pup. Great Value. It is very well made, and great looking. UPDATE 11/7/12 I got another pup in 2009 and she also wears this coat, but will tug at the backend of it sometimes, even at 3 yrs old now.But she leaves it on.. . I still LOVE these coats for cold non-snow weather.. I get coats that cover the stomach for deep snow… (fido fleece), but these are easy to put on and do the job of keeping the muscles just warm enough to keep them from getting injurys so easily… I just, last week, purchased 2 more of them as one coat is wearing out finally (after almost 5YEARS of heavy use), and the other has been chewed abit, it has holes in it, from the pup… I forgot to take it away after taking it off her. IT still goes on , but finally the strap under the belly gave out, on the oldest coat.(5yrs) I could sew it back on easily, but the rest of the coat got chewed up so I decided a new one is in order.

3 out of 5 stars My Active Dog
M. A. Wright

I saw this jacket online and it received favorable reviews. The styling of the jacket is attractive and my female boxer gets compliments when she is wearing it. However, I have a few complaints that are functional.First, when I used the jacket the very first time, the hook and loop fastener on the chest came off. The stitching was not strong enough and I had to handstitch it back on to use the jacket.Second, the hook and fastener on the neck is useless if your dog is active like mine. Whenever she runs or even sniffs the ground, the jacket comes right off. I have to then spend the next 5 minutes trying to put it on her and secure it with her harness.Third, the opening for the leash to collar connection has torn open at the stiching. Oh, by the way, I have only used this jacket about 10 times since I bought it.So, if you have a dog that just walks along with minimal movement, this is the jacket for you.

5 out of 5 stars very good but smaller than expected
Daniel Manget

This is great product but I barely consider my dog a large (50 lbs) and the “large” didn’t even fit her so buy larger than you think. I mid-size dog could be a large and a large dog an XL or an XXL

5 out of 5 stars Very nice jacket!
Amazon Customer

I’m glad I read the other reviews before sizing this jacket. I have an 80-lb lab who is older & with a bit of a stomach, & based on the sizing of most other dog jackets I would have gotten an XXL. However, after reading the other reviews here & checking the measurements I ordered an XL. I’m glad I did because it is more than big enough for her. She has never had a jacket or sweater on her, and she seems very comfortable with this one. The quality is good & the jacket is attractive & well made. The dimensions are accurate, so you can trust the size chart too.

4 out of 5 stars Really cute, runs BIG!
Sherri Caldwell – The Rebel Housewife(tm)

I ordered this jacket for our 75lb Lab Retriever Mix (she measures 24″ neck to base of tail). It is an adorable jacket, but runs very big — XXL hung down over her back legs and the velcro placement on the strap was way too big, even for our chunky puppy — order a size smaller on this one!

4 out of 5 stars Dog Jacket
J. M. Steffes

The jacket is perfect for our female Great Dane. She wears it outside during the day. It has stood up well to her very active lifestyle with four other dogs and keeps her warm.The only problem is the reflective tape, which soon detached and had to be removed.

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