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Whether you are searching for the latest items Reflective Protection Vest for Small Dogs using the lowest price where you can discount? Reflective Protection Vest for Small Dogs using high quality products. You will see review and features with this report.

Size S: (20-35 lbs.) Suitable for Spaniel, Beagle, small Terrier, Dachshund, Schnauzer.

Our Dog Vest (VizVest) is made out of soft, flexible base material with reflecting strips, reflective fringe and an easy Velcro lock.
The Dog Vest (VizVest) weights a minimum.
It is ideal for hunting dogs.
Protect your beloved dog at night time.
The Dog VizVest is US Patent protected!

Features Reflective Protection Vest for Small Dogs

  • Keep your dog visible and safe
  • Small size for 20-35lb dogs
  • Easy to put on, and stays on
  • Protect your beloved dog at night time
  • It is ideal for hunting dogs

Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars You need this if you walk in the dark! Updated January 2013
Amazon Customer

I debated on whether I should get the medium for my 30lb Corgi because of his odd body shape and thick coat but the small fit fine. The velcro straps allow for a good range of sizes. I work all shifts so I walk my dog at all hours of the day and night. We both wear reflective vests and it makes a difference. People move over and slow down a good distance away so I know that they see us. The vest seems comfortable and doesn’t hinder his movement. Actually, he steps into it on his own because he knows it means a walk. Good product, wish more people would use them. Thanks for providing a product that keeps my friend safe.Update:Bought this December 2009 and I am still using it January 2013. The velcro is starting to give just a little so it doesn’t hold quite as firmly, but it is still going strong even with almost daily use. Especially glad I have it now since I recently moved to Atlanta and have found them to be some of the worst drivers I have encountered yet.

5 out of 5 stars Best dog safety vest on the market
Anna M. Willson

After my first dog was hit by a car in 2006, I began researching safety products for dogs.My dog was a long haired breed so most light up and reflective collars and collar attachments were unsuitable and really not that visible from very far away.Then I discovered the VizVest for my second dog (same breed, same long haircoat). She wears the Vizvest for those long walks in the woods during hunting season, any time we walk in a crowd, if we are working in the garden and we need her to be visible to cars that may come down the road, and for simple peace of mind that I never had with my first dog.This vest has proven to be a lifesaver several times over!It is very easy to place on the dog, great for keeping belly hair drier and less muddy when it rains, and can also be laundered. Two hook and loop closures make this vest very secure too!My dog has gone through one vest already, but she wears it at least every day.I thought about ordering the new mesh one, but since we walk in the woods and brambles, the smoother material doesn’t catch quite as easily. For city dwellers, especially in summer, the mesh might be a better option. I also like the bright yellow better than the orange model they have listed for hunting.Can’t say enough good things about this product. Try it out-especially if your dog is prone to suddenly bolting after deer or rabbits and you love hiking. Makes trying to find him or her after dark a snap. There is no excuse for not training your dog, and a rock solid recall is better, but for safety, this beats all–paws down!

5 out of 5 stars 13lb dog, blinking lights, & coyotes
Christine Kari

Even though my dog is only 13 pounds, the vest closing over the back works just fine for her. I bicycle with her on a slow winding mountain road in pitch black late at night. Sometimes a car comes, so I attached inexpensive red blinking bike lights to the vest to hang down on each side using small gauge vinyl coat spool wire (Radio Shack). Between the lights & the reflector vest, she couldn’t be more visible. I’m hoping the coyotes will be intimidated by her flashing lights so she won’t look like dinner to them.

5 out of 5 stars Great reflective vest!
C. Dailey

Recently adopted a dog and because we don’t have a backyard, we are walking her 3x a day at least – with two of those walks while it is still dark out now. She is a fine-boned, petite beagle/shepherd mix (think GSD colouring on a beagle/whippet body) and I was concernced about getting something that would fit her well without rubbing anywhere but would still be easily visible as she is just about bumper-height.I received this last night and was very pleased with the vest. The instructions on how to put it on the dog isn’t the clearest I’ve ever read, but just know that both Velcro straps are fastened across the dog’s back. My dog stepped right into the vest, fastened it across her back (had to keep it extra loose along the straps further back as her sutures are still healing from spay surgery) but I was very pleased with the over all fit and colour of the vest. My dog walked like she wasn’t even wearing a vest – although there were plenty of treats involved when it first went on so she would have a good association with it.It isn’t a vest for very small dogs – it is 15+lb dog size. The velcro on the back allows for adjustment but only on the barrel of the chest. The strap across the front of the dogs shoulders doesn’t adjust so the length of the body is fixed.

5 out of 5 stars Most Tough, Durable, and Visable Reflective Vest At Any Price
Opinions r like aholes, everyone has one

This thing is tough, durable, and visable.I’ve had one of these for my lab for five years.DURABILITY. We run through every terrain immaginable from swamps to briar thickets (like 100 yard power line cuts grown over in thick briars ripping at our clothes and his vest) in all weather day and night. I am often bleeding when done. This vest has never got stuck on anything and it has never come off him — I think becuase the velcro is on the top. It has also survived all the nasty stuff my dog has rolled in — from dead animals, mud puddles, and literally any crap he comes across, from horses to human (that was nasty). It is frayed, some reflective material is cut in half, even some of velcro has been ripped by briars. But it is all still together, nothing dangles, it is still brightly reflective, velcro still sticks together tight, and stays firmly on my dog.REFLECTIVITY. The dog reflects brightly with the dimmest flashlight from any angle except if approaching directly from the rear. Most vests do nothing from the front and need a side view. As long as the dog is angle 15 to 20 degrees it can be seen from the rear/side. Cars always slow down during the day and even more so at nigh b/c I think they are trying to see what the moving bright thing crawling on the ground is.SIZING. It has always fit my my dog who has grown from 85 to 110 and back down to 95 lbs (got a little tight at about 105). Unfortunately I can’t tell you the size becuase though the tag is still on the vest, all the ink has been worn off and it is unreadbale. BUT THE VEST IS STILL BRIGHT. Obviously I am a fan.About to buy one for my 35 lbs dog but becuase of her shorter fur, at night I’ll put it over reflective chest protector from bass pro shop.

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